If you want to be casual and stylish in summer, then Custom T-Shirts are definitely a great choice. However, many people wear Custom T-Shirts too ordinary, which leads to some stereotypes about it. However, the design of Custom T-Shirts is more diverse now. We can choose some with a strong sense of shape to better show our unique aesthetic vision.

If we want to buy some Custom T-Shirts for ourselves, but don’t know how to better publicize our personality, we can take a look at the following five collocations, which may provide you with some new outfit ideas. These “5 Custom T-Shirts” are popular this year, each of which is “fashionable and thin”, enough for you to wear all summer!

T-shirt + strapless design In the impression of many people, most Best Custom T-Shirts are loose and loose, and it is easy to completely block a good figure. And some girls have perfect shoulder and neck lines. At this time, we might as well choose a style that incorporates off-the-shoulder tailoring to better show the clavicle and shoulder and neck lines. And the asymmetrical tailoring can also add some beauty, easily distinguishing it from other girls wearing Custom T-Shirts.

T-shirt + hole design I don’t know if you think that many T-shirt designs are relatively ordinary and boring, and most of the holes cut are matched with trousers. In fact, Best Custom T-Shirts with holes will have a more street-style feel. It can make the shape have a visual impact.

When choosing a T-shirt, everyone should pay attention and try not to choose holes that are too exaggerated. Simple as an embellishment, it can play the role of finishing touch.

T-shirt + shoulder pads and right-angled shoulders are the dreams of many girls, but not everyone can have right-angled shoulders. At this time, we can choose a T-shirt with shoulder pad design.

This kind of style is still relatively rare in life. The shoulder pads can make our shoulders and necks look more perfect and make our body look extra tall and straight. If we are not satisfied with our figure, then such a T-shirt must not be missed.

T-shirt + missing bottoms If a long T-shirt is paired with trousers, it is easy to appear that the legs are relatively short, and it will make the whole person look a bit sloppy. At this time, we might as well try the way of wearing the missing bottoms. When matching with a loose T-shirt, a pair of shorts is attached to the lower body to show the lines of the legs incisively and vividly. This way of wearing is not easy to go out, and it can also show off the figure to the greatest extent.